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Cool, Trendy Kids

Posted by: Martin

August 24th, 2011 >> Kids Fashion

Stylish children are a small, walking proofs that their parents are stylish. On their own, children are becoming more and more fashion conscious in the past years.

Girls clothes can be soft and dream-like dresses and rompers or bold and bright pants and skirts.   Pink is not necessary for little girls. In fact, it may be a good idea to stay away from pink to stand out a bit! There are lots of other colors to choose from. Some great combinations for little girls are red and white, green and orange or purple and red. Save the pink for a fun hair dyeing day.

Boys clothes also have a lot of versatility.  The punk look has never died, in fact, it is now being combined with the motorcycle look. Young boys can have tons of fun expressing themselves with t-shirts, jeans, shoes and haircuts. Mohawks can become “fohawks.” For a look that is a bit more toned down, nice slacks and button down shirts are always in vogue. Boy’s colors can run the gamut of the rainbow; natural mauves and taupes should not be ignored.

Children’s clothing doesn’t have to be the same old thing. Outlet stores are a great place to get designer clothing at reasonable prices. Tradeshows often have sample sales, practically giving away really fabulous, trendy clothing for kids. Fashionable kid’s clothing can be romantic and timeless or fun and funky. The childhood years is when it’s the most fun to try lots of different fashion ideas out. Read the rest of this entry »