How to Keep a Child Entertained Indoors?

Posted by: Martin

November 15th, 2011 >> Entertainment

As winter approaches, it becomes increasingly difficult to send a child outdoors to play. Although a child can occasionally be bundled up and allowed to build a snowman or make snow angels, the majority of the colder months are spent indoors. With the added element of time off school due to the holiday season, many parents need some activities for kids to do inside the house.

Many parents overlook the simple enjoyment of reading together with their children. Pulling a small child onto a mother’s or a father’s lap is essential for their emotional and relational development. It can also prevent behavior problems since the child will not feel the need to misbehave to get a parent’s attention. The act of reading together is excellent for the child educationally as well and plays a big part in his reading skill later on. Board games and some card games are also wonderful opportunities for allowing the child and parent to play together.

Rather than sending a child to play video games or watch television the whole winter season, a wise parent will find kids activities that stimulate the brain and encourage motor skills. Many children love old fashioned building toys like Legos, K’nex or even Tinker Toys which are making a comeback in today’s toy stores.

Puzzles are another excellent learning tool. Toddlers can place pieces in the corresponding holes on a board puzzle while older children can put together multiple-pieced puzzles according to their age level.

A well-stocked craft cupboard is like a gold mine to many children. It is fascinating to see what they can do with some child-safe scissors, glue, colored paper and an egg carton. The wise parent would leave glitter out of the mix unless they want to add frequent vacuuming to the list of activities for kids!

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